Dr. Mark Goldfeder

Dr. Mark Goldfeder, Esq. is the Director of the National Jewish Advocacy Center, a Member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, counsel for Hillels of Georgia, and served as the founding Editor of the Cambridge University Press Series on Law and Judaism. Goldfeder has taught law around the country and around the world. His scholarship focuses on law and religion, constitutional law, and international law, and he publishes widely in those areas, including both academically and in popular publications like CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, Forbes, and other major media outlets. He is also co-author of the five-volume treatise Religious Organizations and the Law (Westlaw).

Dr. Goldfeder handles anti-Semitism and BDS cases around the country, and lectures and writes widely on those topics. He has worked with local, state, and federal legislators on measures to support the Jewish community; and has defended students, professors, businesses, and nonprofits that were targeted for their support of the Jewish State. He has worked on cases at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, and has successfully represented clients including American and Israeli nonprofits in federal litigation. In 2017, he received the Opher Aviran Stand with Israel Award from Hillel, and in 2018, the Jon Barkan Israel Advocacy Award from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in recognition of his work. His most recent law review article illustrates how and why states and universities should adopt the IHRA definition, while explaining the difference between protected political speech and thinly-veiled antisemitism. You can read it here.